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Sororia Organics Soap

Sororia Organics Soap
410 S Holmes St
Scotia, NY 12302-1312

Soapmaker/Contact Name
Joyce Noerr
Types of Soap Offered
This soapmaker creates cold process handmade natural soap bars.
Average Price of a Regular Size 4- or 5-Ounce Bar
The average price is $12.00 per bar.
Soap Specialties
"Our handcrafted soap is made in small batches with essential oils, natural and/or organic oils, organic coconut milk, herbs, and botanicals. We use only the finest ingredients to nourish your skin."
Sales Venue
The soapmaker sells soaps on the Internet. This soap company ships soap to customers in the USA.
Accepted Payment Methods
Purchase these handmade soaps with all major credit cards.

Handmade Soap from Sororia Organics Soap

Cinnamon Rose, handmade soap from Sororia Organics Soap. Handmade soap from Sororia Organics Soap. Handmade soap from Sororia Organics Soap.

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